Method to Madness

The Mobile PBX

What is a mobile PBX and why should anyone choose this product?

The User Experience

The user experience on the handsets is first class.

Seemless Deployment

We dispatch, install the mobile PBX service without human intervention. Ideal for a dispersed workforce.

Easy Sign-up

The application is fully online.

Small sample

This is small and quick content pop-up. Create as many of these you want. Get your audience to click on each during your video confenece call. Make key points.

It's All Wireless

The desktop with operator console is all wireless and the web operator console is a straight web portal and requires no connection to any system.

The desktop phone comes with built-in a WiFi hotspot.

And the operator console looks like this where the operator can transfer calls from anywhere, even when they are at home

Forcing the user to use the close button

Ask the participants if they can be contacted by a sales rep. For example.